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Marketing tools for the hair
color industry
In-Mold labels (IML)


At Aspasie, we encourage a family atmosphere where agility and improvement are at core of our actions.


We are convinced that every member of our team is essential to our success. We allow our team members to work in a creative and innovative environment, rich in human experiences.

Day in and day out we are helping big and small businesses to stand out on a national or international level.

Come show your colors and stand out!

Inclusive advantages

At Aspasie, we care about our employees’ well-being and health. This is why we launched All-Inclusive Aspasie! All-Inclusive Aspasie, includes 6 advantages that promotes general, physical, mental, and financial health.

These new advantages aim to improve the quality of our employee’s well-being and promote visibility to our local merchants.

Aspasie All inclusive

$ 840/yr in restaurant gift cards

$ 400/yr in gas

$ 360/yr in local food baskets

$ 280/yr in movie tickets

$ 500/yr training for personal development

Annual Gym membership ($483 value)

Our departments

Hair Color Charts and Screen-printing Production

IML Production

Injection & Extrusion



Administration & Support

Groupe insurance plan: disability, life, travel, and illness coverage

Pursue career with Aspasie

ASSISTANT PRESSMEN IML Department at Trois-Rivières, QC

Spontaneous application

2106, rue Bellefeuille
Trois-Rivières (Québec)
Canada  G9A 3Y9

  • 819 379-2157

221, rue Saint-Georges
Saint-Barnabé-Nord (Québec)
Canada  G0X 2K0

  • 819 264-2116

2106 Bellefeuille Street
Trois-Rivieres (Quebec)
Canada G9A 3Y9

  • 819 379-2157

221 Saint-Georges Street
Saint-Barnabe-Nord (Quebec)
Canada G0X 2K0

  • 819 264-2116